Paris Trocadéro: A prestigious place for a high-end service
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News of the 23/11/2017

Mathieu Billard joined the BURO Club network in 2015 by teaming up with the Paris Trocadéro business center’s management team. Here, office space solutions and virtual offices represent only the tip of the iceberg. Through the eyes of its director, let us reveal the backstage of a prestigious center which never ceases to work for the well-being of its customers.

How did you hear about the BURO Club business centers?

I started working in the business center sector in 2012, that's when I heard about the BURO Club network. After several experiences - especially as a self-entrepreneur - I had the opportunity to join Laura and Franck Dahan at the management of the BURO Club Paris Trocadero business center.

What levels of service quality are required to build customer loyalty?

We follow our customers very thoroughly. Our team is there to take their habits into account and respond effectively to their needs by offering an impeccable service. Our center aims at offering a service worthy of the great Parisian luxury hotels and to have a premium offer. Therefore, we are more likely to talk about "concierge" service rather than "reception".

What concrete means are you putting in place to maintain this special relationship with your customers?

We take all necessary steps to provide them with extra care. Every little detail counts. On their birthday for example we offer them a box of chocolates. We also organize a quarterly tasting event to strengthen our relationships. The interest of this type of event is twofold: it allows us to have a certain closeness with our customers, but it is also an opportunity for them to meet around the work of another craftsman. By promoting exchanges between everyone, we encourage them to do business together and help create new projects.

In order to always provide a premium service, we have also concluded partnerships with major Parisian restaurants that we suggest to our customers regularly. Moreover, the habits of each one of them are conscientiously noted by our team to anticipate their demands.

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