Paris Vendôme center celebrates its 20th anniversary
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News of the 09/10/2017

Paris Vendôme BURO Club’s business center is a prestigious place we invite you to discover, only 50 meters away from the beautiful place Vendôme. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Paris Vendôme business center offers you one free month for any new contract.

Whilst BURO Club’s large network started 25 years ago, Paris Vendôme business center has “only” been around for 20 years. Alain and Françoise Choppy, the center’s managers, set up their business in 1997 and opted to join the European leader of the independent business centers in 1998. A closer look at the center’s staff clearly shows that BURO Club is all about long lasting relationships. We discussed this at length with Pascal Cottin, Executive Assistant of Paris Vendôme’s center.

In 2010, the center’s capacity doubled

"I’ve been working for BURO Club Vendôme for the past 14 years and our center manager, Anaïs Pham-Nguyen, has been there for 19 years", he declares. "Given the diversity of the actions to be carried out, we never stop learning." The center’s team is composed of six people to whom we add Mr. and Mrs. Choppy, who both remain very invested in the center’s daily life. "It must be said that in 2010, BURO Club Vendôme’s surface was doubled to reach 900 m² on two floors. The workload has also increased, and so much the better", he continues.

A prestigious address accessible for little start-ups or international groups

Today, Paris Vendôme center has about thirty office spaces for rent and more than 260 companies have set up a virtual office there. "In September we opened a new meeting room which can accommodate about fifteen people", says Pascal Cottin. Last but not least, the building - located at 5 rue de Castiglione - has been completely renovated, the common areas have been modernized and the Haussmann facade is also enjoying a new youth.

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