Place Vendôme, the French jewel
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News of the 19/05/2017

Paris would not be Paris without its taste for beautiful things. Architecture, art, fashion, jewelry... so many qualities gathered in the middle of the capital. To highlight this wealth, several esplanades were built over the history of Paris. The royal places are a very good example. Indeed, the Place des Vosges, Dauphine, Victoires, Concorde and more particularly Vendôme are the flagship of French luxury.

A world-famous place

If Paris amazes the world by its beauty, it also radiates thanks to the many luxury brands that have settled there. Associated with several renowned names in the fashion, jewelry, watch-making and perfumery circles, Place Vendôme and its surroundings are full of luxury boutiques of international reputation. As a true home of Parisian elegance, this prestigious venue attracts top brands such as Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Hublot, Cartier, Chanel and Dior.

A sure bet

Standing at the center of the square of the same name, the Vendôme column seems to grant its blessing to the companies domiciled in the vicinity. This is what one can conclude following last December’s buyout of a giant commercial building located on the square. The 26,800 sqm property was sold to a Norwegian company (1) for one billion Euros, with doors facing the very commercial Rue Saint-Honoré as well as Place Vendôme.

A strategic location

This record investment shows that Paris and Place Vendôme remain a safe investment for international companies. Without reaching such investment capacity, BURO Club, with its wide range of turnkey and customized accommodation solutions, allows you to rent offices in this famous district of Paris. Ideally located 50 meters from the Place Vendôme, the business center BURO Club Paris Vendôme also provides virtual offices at 5 rue de Castiglione, thus offering a prestigious address for your company at a bargain price. By choosing this solution, you will take advantage from this strategic location and benefit from the aura of Place Vendôme to develop your business in an ideal setting.

We invite you to discover all the services and advantages offered by our business center BURO Club Paris Vendôme online.


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