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News of the 19/05/2017

Since 2006, François Barrau has been running Recipro, a recruitment consulting firm. Initially a doctor in pharmacy, passionate about biology and "life in all its forms" - in his words -, François Barrau worked several times as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, before shifting towards human relations. Since the beginnings of Recipro, alongside consultant Fabienne Mautuit, he chose to work in the medical field, a sector he’s familiar with. Last year, to bolster his business, he decided to go for a large comfortable office space solution in the Paris République BURO Club business center.

Could you say a few words about Recipro?

We recruit medical professionals on behalf of EHPAD (établissements d’hébergement pour personnes âgées et dépendantes / establishments of accommodation for dependent elderly people, also known as retirement homes), hospitals, clinics and specialized establishments. We are able to search, select and recruit the entire medical body of these institutions: doctors, surgeons, nurses, supervisors or even physiotherapists. I would like to add that we are also specialized in the recruitment of management staff for these structures.

Why did you choose the medical social field?

I decided to specialize in a field where I knew I could excel, rather than trying to be a jack of all trades. Thanks to my experience I am very familiar with this sector, which is going through a severe shortage. For instance, there’s a definite lack of gynecologists and pediatricians. Not to mention some other medically deserted areas where it is extremely difficult to recruit. Consequently, our help is requested everywhere in France and even in other French-speaking countries. Our mission requires commitment, a lot of conviction as well as a serious amount of motivation.

Why did you choose BURO Club?

I tried several business centers in Paris and BURO Club was the one that stood out for me. I got on very well with Laurence Dathy - director of the center - who was very receptive to our needs. Renting a serviced office here allows us to have less overhead costs than with traditional offices and to rent other spaces when the need arises, to welcome customers and candidates. Last but not least, the premises are pleasant, very functional and located near public transportation, which is quite convenient.

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