Rennes: a new El Dorado for businesses
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News of the 29/09/2017

Start-ups generally choose Paris as their first location, most likely to be closer to everything in the economic heart of France. Yet some other cities are just as attractive as the capital, or even more. This is actually the case with Rennes, a city in which Buro Club has three business centers, ready to provide your company with varied office space solutions such as serviced offices, virtual offices or meeting rooms available for rent.

EuroRennes: a 2.0 economic hub

Rennes has the means to attract companies, especially since the city has been blessed with an investment plan of two billion euros over five years. This plan aims at enabling companies to enjoy an ideal environment for their growth, the EuroRennes site was created specifically with this idea in mind.

Located near a renovated railway station, this new economic hub will be stand at heart of the city and will be able to accommodate head offices for large French companies by offering some 150,000 square meters of office spaces.

Facts & Figures about Rennes

To establish itself as a privileged destination for companies, Rennes possesses a vast amount of assets:

  • 421 000 inhabitants
  • 3rd highest population growth
  • Over 30,000 companies
  • Unemployment rate 2 points lower than the national average
  • + 1.3% employment rate between 2008 and 2015
  • 3rd biggest GDP among major French cities
  • Turnover of 23,93 billion euros generated by 10,700 companies

We can also underline the efforts of the metropolis in terms of transport: Rennes has 49 bus lines, one subway line as well as a second line planned for 2019. Moreover, Rennes is constantly seeking to get closer to Paris. This is almost done thanks to a new high-speed line which should be completed in 2017 and will enable to reach Paris by TGV in 1h25 only.

Do not hesitate any longer and head out to Rennes’ BURO Club business centers. We are expecting you!

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