Rennes confirms its metropolis status
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News of the 28/12/2017

Rennes’ group of communes officially became a Metropolis in 2015, thus obtaining a new status and revealing its ambitions: multiplying urban development projects to strengthen an already growing economy. While obtaining greater visibility, the city grows in credibility and maintains its policy of great projects. Do you wish to start a business in Rennes with the best possible conditions? The Buro Club network possesses three business centers in Rennes, each established in strategic districts within the metropolis. These 3 locations wish to present you with an assessment of the situation in Rennes and its latest innovations.

Key figures

In 2014, INSEE accounted 423 885 inhabitants and announced major growth perspectives for the agglomeration of Rennes. With an unemployment rate lower than the national average (7.1% in Rennes compared to 9,2% in France according to Pôle Emploi’s official numbers for 2017’s 2nd trimester), the metropolis continues to grow with a constant and prosperous economic impulse.

The great emerging projects

Before 2020, the metropolis will tackle major modifications of its territory, the first step being the construction and/or renovation of great sites: a new train station, the congress center and the EuroRennes economic hub… all accessible via a new subway lane! On top of that, urban planning projects are in the works to boost certain neighborhoods such as La Blosne. The main objective of this urbanization plan is to bolster the economy by making it easier to create new businesses and by improving the inhabitants’ quality of life.

An eco-friendly city

Rennes was the first French city to equip itself with computer terminals designed to rent bikes available in self-service, and they did that more than 10 years before Paris followed with its Vélib’. Eco-mobility isn’t the only innovation put in place within the metropolis, as numerous new eco-friendly projects are in the works. The development of eco-neighborhoods or eco-citadels is one of Rennes’ main focus within its urban planning renewal program. Even inhabitants are invited to improve their quality of life and many actions are being put in place in this regard: vegetablization of the city, the creation of a new plan for pedestrians, the restoration of the docks area, etc.

In a nutshell, Rennes is a city where living is good and where ambitious projects strengthen an ever-growing economic, cultural and ecological drive. At Buro Club’s, we are very sensitive to these values, and to help you give life to more innovative projects, we offer virtual office solutions and serviced offices for rent in Rennes to facilitate this team-minded, responsible development that we hold so dear.

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