Rennes: the craze for virtual offices
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News of the 15/05/2017

Business is changing and Rennes is fully aware of it. In the heart of Ille-et-Vilaine county, in the west of France, the facilities provided by the Rennes BURO Club business center will enable this brilliant change of direction in the workplace and soon, the traditional office rental system will no longer be the standard for Rennes’ inhabitants... A virtual office is the fastest and cost effective solution proposed. There are many benefits that seem to conquer a growing portion of the workforce. At BURO Club, French leader of independent business centers, we are delighted that this concept is appealing to many. Let us explain why.

Virtual office: the solution to quickly start a business

The idea of working from home seduces more and more employees and entrepreneurs but, to work in the best possible conditions, a virtual office is the ideal solution. The advantages are obvious: thanks to a registration in a business center, you take advantage of a serious and renowned address separating professional and private life. You also benefit from the services of a qualified team that welcomes and informs your customers, manages your mail and can answer your incoming calls. An economic solution that allows you to concentrate on your business but also allows you to control costs and therefore risks when start a professional project!

A professional showcase

It should be noted that in Rennes, as in all major cities where BURO Club is located, these business centers are in the city center or in dynamic business hubs, which are easily accessible and well connected, in addition to be welcoming and financially attractive. In Rennes, BURO Club provides three addresses which, in addition to appearing on all your professional documents, will contribute to the image of your company and will necessarily reassure your prospects and your customers .

In order to properly welcome your clients, you also have the opportunity to rent a serviced office for a few hours or a day. In Rennes, professionals have understood and fully embrace this system. Nearly 200 people have opted for this kind of facilities, according to the newspaper Ouest-France, rather than mixing their privacy with work.

  • Rennes: the craze for virtual offices
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