The Paris centre is highly appreciated by businesses
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News of the 30/05/2018

In 2017, business creation reached a new level in France. Among the most beautiful increases recorded, the French region (Île-de-France) is directly at the top of the 3 most sought-after regions for entrepreneurs. 16 300 more companies than in 2016 have established their virtual office in Paris and its surroundings. To welcome this beautiful world, the capital is undergoing a makeover and continues to offer companies an ever more varied offer of professional office space for rent, right in the heart of the most dynamic ecosystem in France.

How did Paris manage to attract companies ?

To succeed in the bet of an innovative "Startup Nation", the French government did not skimp on the means. Real estate investment, project financing, competitions or hiring incentives have enabled it to open the door to a new generation of entrepreneurs. Ultimately, he even succeeded in establishing business creation as the ultimate model of success in a changing economy, in which each and every one of us can now become an actor in our own success. As the economic capital of the country, Paris was the perfect place to embody the role of Europe's future startup capital.

Selection criteria for companies

The Paris hyper-centre is a sector particularly appreciated by companies. Here the strong demand for office space for rent continues unabated. But due to limited opportunities, companies have gradually regrouped in new business districts that are highly rated in central Paris and more in line with their expectations. The offer is more varied and prices are often more affordable. Accessibility, living environment and local dynamism have become criteria of choice in this rapidly changing entrepreneurial universe.

Propose an offer adapted to demand

To respond to this increase in the number of start-ups, Paris has no choice but to adapt to meet the expectations set. Startup spaces are being created throughout the city and the transport network will be strengthened in the coming years in order to guarantee more links with the suburbs - which, moreover, is not expecting to be left out.

With five business centres located in the Paris region, the BURO Club network is delighted to see this local economy diversify and evolve. To bring ever more flexible solutions to companies, it offers customizable services and daily support in their development. Need a turnkey office, a coworking space or a videoconference room to rent ? Contact the BURO Club business centres in Paris !

  • The Paris centre is highly appreciated by businesses