The Paris Entrepreneurs Fair just celebrated its 25th anniversary
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News of the 20/03/2018

On February 7th and 8th, the 25th “Salon des Entrepreneurs” was held in Paris. On this anniversary edition, the meetings were placed under the sign of youth. The program includes a series of meetings, debates and other conferences around topics cherished by young entrepreneurs. BURO Club invites you to look back on these two intense days in the service of creation and innovation!

Transmission at the heart of meetings

If the Salon des Entrepreneurs exists, it is above all to encourage encounters between aspiring young entrepreneurs and more experienced professionals. To evoke the challenges of entrepreneurship, the professions of the future and mutations so that everyone can exchange, learn and leave with a head full of projects.

During these meetings, various speakers explain the basics of international development or how to manage a company takeover. They give out key mechanics to a successful business plan and reveal their best tips for growing a business. Through their testimonies, portraits of ambitious women and men are depicted, appearing as role models for the thousands of young people who, each year, embark on the mad adventure of entrepreneurship. This year, a sizable number of young aspiring businessmen sat on round table tackling the following theme:  "Starting a business before reaching 30 years of age".

BURO Club encourages entrepreneurship

This commitment to promote the entrepreneurial culture is also very dear to BURO Club, which works every day to encourage all the steps of business creation and development. By offering services adapted to the new needs of young entrepreneurs, the first network of French business centers is committed to providing them with reliable support to facilitate their daily lives.

In concrete terms, this is embodied in a flexible virtual office solution and office rental offer in Paris and all over France, but also useful options such as secretarial and reception services.

Moreover, BURO Club makes it a point of honor to promote interprofessional meetings by organizing cocktails between the different members of its centers. The goal is to create a community to facilitate the development of their network.

If you missed this edition, know that the “Salon des Entrepreneurs” will be held in Lyon on June 13th and 14th, in Marseille on October 9th and 10th and in Nantes on November 21st and 22nd.

  • The Paris Entrepreneurs Fair just celebrated its 25th anniversary