The self-employed are gaining ground in Île-de-France
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News of the 05/06/2018

In 2017, business start-ups grew strongly, particularly in the Île-de-France region, which recorded a significant 10.1% increase. To meet this growing economic alternative, BURO Club offers solutions adapted to the specificity of their status for very small businesses and all self-employed persons based in Paris. Practical and modular, the office rental and virtual office solutions are accompanied by complementary tailor-made services. With five business centres spread throughout the capital, the BURO Club network intends to establish its commitment to businesses in order to meet an ever-increasing demand.

The growing success of micro-enterprises

Today, nearly 2.8 million of them work in the liberal professions, manage businesses, farms or industries. There are more and more self-employed people in France. The simplification of the micro-entrepreneur scheme in 2016 probably has its share of responsibility in this new trend which seems to prove itself over time. After two consecutive years of decline, more than 241 000 new micro-enterprises were registered in France in 2017.

An economic model at the crossroads of change

This new economic model reflects different types of cultural and economic changes. The working world is changing, it is constantly evolving to adapt to a new generation of entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing the relationship with work. The web market is a major factor in these upheavals because it has revived economic dynamics and helped boost the creation of independent companies.

Being independent in Paris pays off !

According to INSEE, the distribution of self-employed salaries on French territory is not homogeneous. The average income of non-employees in Paris reaches 3700 euros when they are only 1750 euros in the Hautes-Alpes department. This disparity can be explained in three ways :

  • The number of self-employed per department : the more numerous they are, the higher the salaries
  • Local economic conditions
  • The sectors of activity vary more or less according to the region ; the most lucrative being those of health, business services and transport

As you will have understood, before embarking on the fascinating world of entrepreneurship, it is better to study the economic dynamics specific to the regions and to each sector of activity. To rent an office in Paris and throughout France, call on the first network of independent business centres. Flexible solutions adapted to your problems await you there !

  • The self-employed are gaining ground in Île-de-France