Bordeaux Grand-Théâtre

2, cours du XXX Juillet

33064 Bordeaux Cedex

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00

Directoire Business

SIREN : 353 270 150 000 25

Willing to rent your office in Bordeaux, in the city centre ?  Starting your own business? Already well-established, though willing to optimize your property costs via an equipped office rental? Benefit from an exceptional location in our Bordeaux Grand Théâtre business centre and discover our workspaces.


Office Rental Bordeaux Grand Théâtre

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The benefits of our office rental solution at Bordeaux Grand Théâtre:

Workspace adaptability:

  • You may start with the rent of one office or rent one of our equipped offices within one of our open spaces. Our 19 workspaces allow for any type of configuration, from 1 to several workstations, in a unique and refined setting.

An all-inclusive price with no surprise: 

  • Renting a serviced office via BURO Club triggers many services: private and common charges, property tax, cleaning, maintenance, fluids, furniture, cabling, and telephone. Our solutions come with no surprise, your annual budget is under control and you can work in full confidence.


  • Rent your office from 3 months to several years. Decide the duration of your office rental; modify it according to the evolution of your business. Meeting rooms are also available on demand, in addition to your permanent offices: quite convenient to avoid the cost of a permanent meeting room !

Professional services:

  • High-speed internet access, visitors’ reception, mail handling, provision of state of the art office equipment (copier, video conference…), we offer you all the services of an office rental solution to make your life easier so that you may solely focus on your core business.

Willing to rent a serviced office at Bordeaux Grand Théâtre ?

  • Contact Isabelle Durdon or fill in the form to your right. We will be happy to show you our business centre.
Center's Director : Isabelle Durdon 

Isabelle Durdon

, Business Centre Manager

+33 1 40 21 44 00


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