28, rue Jean Claret

TEL : +33 3 14 02 14 40 0


SIREN : B 535 003 800

Need to rent an equipped office but your budget is rather tight ? Are you flexible ? Then choose the coworking solutions of our partner in Clermont-Ferrand ! Only 10 minutes from downtown, this business centre allows you to rent, in a green business park, a shared office space that respects your budget and meets all your professional requirements. 

New business centre : virtual office, equipped office, meeting room rental

Coworking Spaces Clermont-Ferrand

The shared office rental solution in Clermont-Ferrand :

  • Easily accessible by motorway, train or tramway and only 8 minutes from Clermont-Ferrand airport, this business centre provides you with a quality workspace on time or in the long term and allows you to set up in Auvergne at a lower cost.

The coworking offer :

  • Access to the 70 m²"shared office" space
  • Wifi connection
  • Tea and coffee available
  • Access to the common areas of the business centre (office, terrace, car park, etc.)
  • Commercial virtual office compatible with this service. If you prefer to work alone or in small space, rent a private office. And if you want to bring your partners, our meeting rooms are made for it.

Want to work in shared spaces in Clermont-Ferrand ?

  • Contact Françoise Garcin-Lefebvre and her team directly on +33 1 40 21 44 00 or address your needs by filling out the form on the right and receive a detailed quote. 
Center's Director : Françoise  GARCIN-LEFEBVRE 


, Business Centre Manager


At the crossroads of the north/south (Paris/Barcelona axis) and east/west (Lyon/Bordeaux axis) motorways, Clermont-Ferrand benefits from a privileged geographical situation which offers good development prospects to the companies which are established there.

In the centre of an ancient volcanic area and at the foot of the Puy de Dôme, the giant of the volcanoes of Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand is certainly a city steeped in history but it is also a modern city, perfectly inscribed in this 21st century.
With 37 000 students and more than 5 000 active researchers in internationally renowned institutions, Clermont-Ferrand is indeed a successful example of reconversion. Industrial yesterday, the cradle and headquarters of the world leader in Michelin tyres is today a city of knowledge and knowledge where many other economic leaders (Limagrain/agro-food, MSD-Chibret/pharmacy, Alcan-Rhenalu/metallurgy, IBM, Cap Gemini/information...) are based.

The capital of the Auvergne region is therefore a solid, dynamic and young city. An efficient and attractive city which, thanks to its international airport (which links some twenty French and European metropolises daily), is open to Europe and offers great development opportunities to companies in the region.
Ideal for developing its activity, Clermont-Ferrand has not forgotten to maintain a pleasant character and offers a privileged living environment to its inhabitants.

To take advantage of all the advantages of this region, BURO Club, thanks to our partner's business centre, accompanies you in your Clermont-Ferrand establishment project. Whether you need an equipped office, a virtual office, a telephone permanence or simply a meeting room, the team of this business premises will be at your disposal to set up the turnkey virtual office plan best adapted to your situation.

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