Casablanca Zerktouni

140 boulevard Zerktouni
20070 Casablanca

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00


Set up your business in Casablanca in an agile and flexible mode ! This business centre offers you the opportunity to locate your company in Casablanca at a renowned address on Boulevard Zerktouni. Located in a premium business district of the city, the business and coworking centre provides a large range of virtual office plans in Casablanca. You will get closer to your customers and partners without renting permanent fixed offices. Enjoy Your Business with BURO Club in Morocco !

Virtual Office Casablanca Zerktouni

This business center offers the following virtual office services :

Virtual office for your company in Casablanca Zerktouni :

  • You can use our address on all your media (website, brochures and correspondence). Mail management is handled by our teams.
  • Give your company a professional and recognized address.

Personalized phone answering :

  • Combined with your virtual office, it allows you to manage your incoming calls by our trained teams. So, you can be outside with peace of mind, we provide your back-office phone and manage your messages according to your instructions.
  • You can rent flexible workspaces, meeting rooms or even coworking in Casablanca in this business center located in the heart of a premium business district.

Want to know more about your virtual office ?

  • Contact us on +33 (0)1 40 21 44 00 or fill out an online form. Your virtual office in Casablanca is waiting for you !
Center's Director : Mohamed Berrada  

Mohamed Berrada

, Managing Director

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