Corporate culture
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News of the 09/09/2016

Corporate culture

Each BURO Club business center has its own story, but they all share a common trait: "the BURO Club spirit". We are professional, perfectly trained and receptive teams able to offer customers the best office space solution adapted to their situation. Virtual offices, serviced offices to rent and meeting rooms, all the BURO Club business centers offer flexible, made-to-measure turnkey solutions, to give exactly the companies what they need and accompany them throughout their development. This support also comes with the creation of relationships between clients thanks to actions regularly led in the business centers to favor exchanges, collaborate and enable societies to develop a network in the best conditions.

Freedom of expression for BURO Club members

Corporate culture embodies all the values, the rules and habits observed by the majority of the employees. This culture is in a way the soul of the company and enables it to be distinguished from other societies in the same business sector. Business centers present the peculiarity to gather several companies, each with its proper culture. In order not to encroach upon customers’ routines, Nicolas Fallet, director of the customer service of BURO Club business center at Paris Champs-Élysées, explains that he does his utmost to make them feel at their ease. "There is no brand more highlighted than another. My customers are at home and their clientele is received by our employees who are perceived as a part of their team. It gives the image of an impressive company and increases its prestige." Beyond each corporate culture, the business center itself has its own.

Conviviality to encourage exchanges and develop business

One of the key points of BURO Club business centers’ corporate culture is the will to develop the business of their customers. Thus, our centers are constantly innovating to improve cohesion between members and create a unique dynamic working process. For example, to forge links between his clients, Nicolas Fallet organizes receptions several times a year around themed dinners. "There are generally 60 to 80 people when we organize raclettes, paellas or seafood tastings." Those friendly events are an excellent way to favor exchanges and strengthen the center.

Coworking or shared offices, created a long time ago in BURO Club centers, are also a great means to stimulate networking skills. Isabelle Durdon, director of BURO Club business center of Bordeaux and Grand-Théâtre, declares that "whether customers have dedicated serviced offices or work in shared open spaces, we offer them access to common areas where they can discuss and collaborate".

Furthermore, to strengthen clients’ professional contacts from their arrival, Isabelle Durdon sets up other techniques. "When a client settles in our center, I try to imagine which other member he could create professional links with. If a customer chooses to join a business center, it is also because he’s looking for networking. In that goal, we do a quarterly newsletter where we introduce newcomers and focus on one or two personalities. This newsletter is distributed to all our customers". Conviviality is an essential value for Isabelle Durdon because it has often been a way to create new businesses. "We welcome our customers’ visitors and we are anxious to offer them the same quality of reception as our customers. Satisfied with our services, it frequently happens that they call upon us after a good first experience".

To summarize the center of Bordeaux’s corporate culture, Isabelle Durdon answers that "to get this result, it is necessary to like people and to appreciate being in contact with them. It’s what livens me up and this mindset is shared by my whole team."

Personalized support for sustainable development

Conviviality is not the only value that BURO Club business centers wish to offer to their customers. Understanding their projects and difficulties to offer effective solutions is another feature that characterizes our centers’ corporate culture. Before creating the BURO club business center of Compans-Caffarelli district in Toulouse, Arthur Frédéric Quashie was at the head of a consulting firm for companies. Often travelling, he felt the need to rent an office in a business center.

It is as a customer that he discovered this service and found the idea to include a new offer: the expertise. That is how Arthur Frédéric Quashie decided in 2013 to link his consulting activity to the management of a business center. "My business center is like a toolbox. I provide all the necessary tools so that my customers can build their projects and I smooth things over to simplify the functioning of their company."

Empathy, enthusiasm and expertise: three words that perfectly define BURO Club’s corporate culture.

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