From Paris to Martinique, meet Alex Gautry
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News of the 21/02/2017

The location of offices is an important strategic point for most companies. For example, BURO Club’s business centre in Martinique offers a privileged setting in Fort-de-France. As the main town in the area, this city is an important economic and commercial hub. Alex Gautry, managing director of Antilles Épargne Conseil, is one of the first clients to build his business in our Martinique structure, knowing its strengths. He explains why he made that choice.

How did you set up your professional project?

In 2005, I was planning to set up my insurance brokerage firm in Martinique, Antilles Épargne Conseil, specialising in the study of the insurance market. This activity was not yet widespread in the region. To create a company in this sector was therefore a great opportunity, but the task was complicated because I lived in Paris. Distance and jet lag considerably hindered my ability to find a commercial space. BURO Club helped me save a lot of time.

Why did you choose corporate domiciliation in a business centre?

At that time, I had already had an experience in a business centre in France and I remembered the advantages of renting offices through this structure. It was therefore quite natural for me to focus my research on an organization of this type in Martinique. The Martinique business centre of the BURO Club network matched my expectations perfectly. The secretarial and telephone calls answering services are particularly useful in my business and allow me to make a real saving. I chose BURO Club 11 years ago and I do not regret it!

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