Rennes’ business center: the perfect balance between friendliness and professionalism
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News of the 14/08/2017

In Rennes, BURO Club’s business center has its customers fully satisfied. This is not surprising as its location alone makes it a hotspot for office spaces rental. We’ve interviewed Valerie Chevalier, a business center manager passionate about her job, who oversees the 800m² of this bright working space.

"My greatest satisfaction is to bring new customers to join BURO Club every day, so that they can develop their business and network", states Valérie Chevalier, enthusiastic. The head of Rennes’ business center joined Buro Club in 1988, the European leader of independent business centers after a first career in an SMB. "It's the innovative side as well as human interactions that seduced me", she recalls.

About 100 BURO Club residents

Indeed, with more than thirty serviced offices, a hundred virtual offices and about 150 one-time clients, we imagine how lively the relational aspect of the activity is. As in every BURO Club center, we bank on the welcome quality and the flexibility. In Rennes, you can rent an office from 10 to 35m², an open space (32m²) or a meeting room for up to 17 people. This can be for an hour, a day, a month, a year or more.

In addition to the flexibility of rental solutions, "people are attracted by the center’s decoration as well as its location. It is close to the train station, bus and metro stops, while being 2 minutes away from accessing the Nantes-Brest-Paris expressway", explains Valérie Chevalier. Obviously, BURO Club’s team plays an important role in the center’s success. "Our team must be in perfect symbiosis to satisfy customers. We’ve found the right balance between friendliness and professionalism", she adds.