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News of the 09/03/2017

The French Guyana BURO Club business center is located at the entrance of Cayenne, the chief town of this French overseas department. One of its ten serviced offices welcomes Alexandre Picou, representative of the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (Sacem) in Guyana. Renting this office? A relief for this diligent worker.

Why choosing an office space solution?

The rental of an office is a late choice from the Sacem, which I was waiting for impatiently. I’ve been sent to Guyana in 2010 and I was working from home until June 2016.

Is it hard working from home?

Of course it is, because work never stops. I travel through cities to explain to businesses, event agencies or city halls that when they use music, they must respect the copyright. I ensure that our 350 Guyanese members receive the royalties they deserve. It is a time-consuming work, which requires meeting interlocutors. In this way, I gave them appointments in cafes or restaurants, sometimes at my house, in order to collect money and fill some papers in.

What has changed with BURO Club?

My professional and personal lives are truly distinguished. My relationships with customers are enhanced because I benefit from a great structure, built on a serious image. Also, I am delighted with the welcoming service of BURO Club. I am often on the road for my work so the hostesses’ roles are really helpful. They can inform clients who come to my office in my absence. Finally, I enjoy the atmosphere we have in the business center. Before, I was alone. Today, I am surrounded by people who want to work and with whom affinities are created. It's very motivating.

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