The European metropolis of Lille has the wind in its sails!
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News of the 01/12/2017

Over the past 20 years, the Lille metropolitan area has undergone many evolutions, not only economically speaking, but also in terms of urban planning. The increase in real estate activity and the development of the Euralille tertiary cluster, launched in 1990, have wisely contributed to developing the city's economy. Occupying the third place among the most influential business districts in France, Euralille is a catalyst for economic growth today.

A view on Europe

From a national point of view, the metropolis of Lille is now the fourth largest French agglomeration after Paris, Lyon and Marseille. From a European point of view, it benefits from a privileged location strengthened by its river port, its borders with Belgium and its proximity to other countries in Northern Europe. Located 30 minutes from Brussels, one hour from London and a few hours from Germany and the Netherlands, it is a European crossroads, very attractive for its many advantages on trading.

A dynamic European metropolis

With the massive influx of students and young workers, the Lille European Metropolis (MEL) has the third largest youth population (survey conducted by INSEE). With nearly 200,000 students enrolled, it has even been ranked 11th among the most enjoyable cities for people aged between 18 and 25 years. To achieve this goal, the city has an effective transportation network and offers its inhabitants a very pleasant quality of life.

A cultural capital

Cultural and artistic innovation has been at the heart of the city's goals for nearly 15 years. Consecrated European capital of culture in 2004, it is now fully devoted to the valuation of its heritage and the development of contemporary art. Today, Lille has many museums and promotes the development of new talent, which has earned the city an international reputation.

For all these reasons Claude Dermaux created in 2003 her first business center in Lille and joined the BURO Club network before opening, in 2007, a second establishment in Villeneuve d'Ascq. These two business centers offer all the usual services: from the office space solution or meeting rooms rental to virtual offices, all in a unique and very warm environment.

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