The Colmore Building
20 Colmore Circus

B4 6A Birmingham

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00


If you would like to have a business address in Birmingham, then opt for a virtual office in BURO Club Partner Birmingham. This business centre, located in the heart of the main business district of the Midlands, will provide you with an address in the image of the latter, modern and dynamic !  Settle down in this high-tech building dedicated to the well-being of its occupants ! Establish your virtual office at BURO Club Partner Birmingham !  

New BURO Club Partner : office rental in Birmingham, meeting rooms and virtual office plans for your company in Birmingham.

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All the advantages of a recognized address for your virtual office :

  • A modern image : Located in "THE" business district of Birmingham, The Colmore Building will give all the dynamics of its district to your representative office, your postal address or your head office. 
  • Services : A service panel at your disposal so that you can be productive without having to worry about logistics. A personalized telephone permanence with transmission of messages to be permanently connected and not to lose any opportunity. Our professional team also makes it easy for you to book meeting rooms or rent offices in Birmingham

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Colmore Building Birmingham

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The second largest city in England, Birmingham is home to many monuments from the time of the industrial revolution that bear witness to its manufacturing power in the 18th century. Birmingham was a flagship city during the industrial revolution in England, which made it known as the "workshop of the world" or the "city of a thousand trades".

Three of the largest British banks were founded in Birmingham : Lloyds Bank (now Lloyds TSB), Midland Bank (now HSBC Bank) and Ketley's Building Society. Birmingham is the UK's third largest financial centre outside London.

This metropolis is characterized by its diversity and dynamism. The world-famous University of Birmingham, a real mini-city, with supermarkets, tobacco shops, bookshops, banks, insurance companies, an optician, a hairdresser, cafeterias and clothing shops, welcomes thousands of students from all over the world every year, who come to learn how to "live the English way".

If you also want to live English and offer great prospects to your business, this ideally located BURO Club Partner Birmingham business centre will facilitate your settlement in this vibrant city. Rent equipped offices, meeting rooms or company virtual office, always have virtual office plans adapted to your needs. 

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