2081 Center St.
CA 94 Berkeley

TEL : +33 1 40 21 44 00


Want to rent workspace in Berkeley, California ? You also want to share your successes, ideas and expertise with a community of members driven by a passion for entrepreneurship ? Your office rental budget is tight and you are looking for an economical solution in a professional setting ? Come discover the advantages of our coworking solution, in this business centre located in a historic building in Berkeley, downtown. More than just using a coworking space in Berkeley coworking centre, come exchange, network, develop and vibrate ! 

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Coworking Berkeley

Good reasons to work in coworking mode in Berkeley :

For an optimized budget, this agile solution allows you to rent an office in a shared space with other companies and mobile workers. 

  • It includes : the provision and monthly rental of your fully equipped workstation, internet access, rental charges, maintenance of premises, cleaning and the provision of relaxation areas. From 49 $ per month to use our spaces 3 days a month.
  • A flexible solution : the building has 12 private offices open for rent. Practical if you want to upgrade your configuration ! You will also find 2 personalized meeting rooms. You can also opt for a virtual office
  • A community : our members are as diverse as....passionate ! You can meet developers, lawyers, freelancers or digital marketing experts. Practical to network and share your expériences !

A coworking request to Berkeley ?

  • Contact us on +33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill in the form on the right. We will be happy to guide you to your coworking area. 
Center's Director : BURO Club Partner Berkeley 

BURO Club Partner Berkeley

, Managing Director


On the other side of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Berkeley is quite opposed to San Francisco, but also to its neighbour, Oakland. A young and vibrant city, Berkeley is known worldwide for its university, the oldest in California, and is above all a student city. Founded in 1868, The University of California is the oldest campus of the Californian system and the most prestigious in the United States. 

The protest made the history of this famous student city, cradle of the movement for the recognition of freedom of expression. This San Francisco neighbor was the first sanctuary city in the United States, "since 1971, at the time to protect those who refused to go to fight in Vietnam".

Centre of counter-culture and power-flower movement in the 60's, Berkeley the Bohemian has since transformed itself into a cultural and gastronomic city...

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