A tailor-made service for the Colombian mobile consulate in French Guyana
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News of the 29/12/2017

For recurring or occasional services, customers of BURO Club business centers enjoy the same quality of service: fully equipped premises, a warm welcome and a strategic location to develop their business.

At BURO Club we make your satisfaction a priority. That's why we make it a point of honor to offer you a service adapted to your needs. For a tailor-made service, follow the example of our contact in Guyana Lia Rosa Salgado Pineres and use one of our 246 business centers located around the world!

What is the role of Colombia's mobile consulate in Guyana?

We do not have a Colombian consulate in Guyana. Therefore, we have developed a mobile consulate. The interest is to bring all consular services to the Colombian community residing in Guyana.

How did you hear about the BURO Club Guyane business center?

As far as I’m concerned, I work at the Consulate since January 2017, that's when I discovered the BURO Club business center. My predecessors decided to seek a one-time service of offices rental and meeting rooms in Cayenne. The BURO Club offer seemed very accessible and flexible to them.

Tell us about the service provided by BURO Club...

We chose a one-off rental service because our head office is in Paris; it is therefore essential for us to benefit from a turnkey quality equipment. The advantages of the Cayenne business center are numerous: the location, the quality of the reception and offices but also a well-trained staff with a comprehensive knowledge of our community.

As a part time client, how do you relate to the center's staff?

From the moment we get in touch with the staff, everything goes very fast. Communication is fluid, they provide us with help and support in the development of our work. Moreover, in addition to providing exceptional service, the center is very easy to access.

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