Arbatel consulting firm chooses BURO Club’s virtual office solution in Guadeloupe and Martinique
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News of the 11/09/2017

Clément Dos Santos went for BURO Club’s virtual offices in Guadeloupe’s and Martinique’s business centers. He is Arbatel’s director for the past six years: a consulting firm specialized in business assets and company transfers. In addition to this role, he joined the French group Michel Simond  – who also work in the same field -  in France’s Alsace department.

When he was offered a director’s position in Guadeloupe by the Michel Simond group a year ago, he didn’t hesitate and seized the opportunity. He left Alsace for the West Indies. Nowadays, Clément Dos Santos is expanding his activity in Martinique and is planning to set his business up in French Guyana as well.

How did you discover BURO Club’s business centers?

When I arrived in Guadeloupe, I was looking for a practical and one-stop solution to set up Arbatel’s headquarters. This is the reason why I considered BURO Club’s office space solutions.

Do you rent any offices?

I did, at the beginning. And I must say it was a great experience! But afterwards, I didn’t need to rent an office anymore because I’m often away to meet my clients. However, I still have the possibility to rent a meeting room or a serviced office occasionally, which is a real “plus”. I chose the virtual office solution with telephone reception – really useful services. I even have the ABM 2000 mobile application on which I can read my messages in real time, without calling BURO Club’s secretariat. I have the same work solutions in Martinique’s BURO Club’s business center, another island where I’m developing my consulting firm.

What are your plans for the future?

In six months or one year, I’m planning to go for a virtual office in French Guyana, where I want to expand my activity. I’m just waiting to be well established in Martinique before moving forward.

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