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Zhangjiang, Hi-Tech Zone

. Shanghai

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A company's virtual office is an innovative and economical solution to set up in a country or a city, without investing your funds in a permanent office's rental. If you have chosen to have a presence in China, this BURO Club business centre provides you with a wide range of virtual office solutions in Shanghai. The building is located in what the local business community calls Chinese "Sillicon Valley", the Zhangjiang Technology Business Park. 


New business center : turnkey workspace rental, meeting rooms, virtual office plans in Shanghai.


Virtual offices Shanghai

All the advantages of suscribing a virtual office in Shanghai, in this business centre :

  • A cost effective solution : from 388 RMB per month, use the address of the centre for your documents and thus give your Chinese partners a local image of your company.
  • A valuable solution : at a time when any company can be found and analysed on the Internet, the address chosen is essential for the brand image conveyed. With neighbours like IBM, Citibank or Sony, be sure you have chosen a trusted business address.
  • A scalable solution : you can start with a simple postal address and then leave us the management of your incoming calls. Do you come to Shanghai at times and want to rent offices occasionally ? Our Business Executive package enables you to benefit from a virtual office with the rental of an office 5 days a month in Shanghai. We progress with you !

Need a virtual office in Shanghai ?

  • Please contact us on +33 1 40 21 44 00 or fill in a form. Your address in Shanghai is waiting for you !
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One of the largest megalopolises in the world, Shanghai is the most populous and cosmopolitan Chinese city. The city has more than 24 million inhabitants of all nationalities. In the 1920s and 1930s, Shanghai was the scene of a cultural boom that contributed to this great mix and to form the mythical aura which reigns until now.

A true financial centre of the Asia-Pacific and one of the most attractive ports in China, Shanghai is an amazing mix of architectural styles. The Bund buildings of the 1930s, the modern skyscrapers of Pudong, the European residences of the old French concession and the traditional Chinese houses in the old city rub shoulders.

Over the years, the "pearl of the Orient" has become an important economic centre. Its strategic location at the mouth of the Yangzi Jiang, in central China, and its proximity to cities with renowned artisanal production (Suzhou, Hangzhou) make the city an important hub for economic exchanges. The city welcomes more and more expatriates, including young graduates and startupers. Beyond its countless skyscrapers, professional opportunities and cultural exchanges are constantly increasing.

In the heart of Shanghai's Sillicon Valley, just 30 minutes from Pudong Airport and 2 minutes from Guanglan Station, this BURO Club Partner business centre will provide you with flexible virtual office plans to effectively launch and manage your Shanghai business. Rent equipped offices to work in optimal conditions, meeting rooms to comfortably receive your guests, or the virtual office of your company with a prestigious business address ; you have all the cards in hand to conquer one of the most important economic poles of Asia.

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