Green light for businesses in Martinique
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News of the 17/10/2017

French island Martinique, also called Île aux fleurs (Flowers Island), has had a promising 2016 year according to economic studies conducted by INSEE. This French region located in the Lesser Antilles witnessed a wage labor increase (+ 1.3% on average) while the unemployment rate has been decreasing. In 2016, Pôle emploi Martinique (Martinique’s job center) registered a 4% decrease in the number of registered unemployed, all categories combined.

At BURO Club’s, we specifically care about business creation’s figures. It is an area we’re directly involved in through the services we offer in our Martinique business center, located near the great seaport and the future Etang Z'abricots marina. You can rent an office, a meeting room, or even opt for a virtual office there.

Companies are on a roll

Business demography is positive for the second year in a row (+ 2.6%). The decrease in small businesses (- 4.1%) was offset by a much higher creation rate for start-ups, particularly in transports, trade, catering and business services.

In 2016, Martinique’s economic setting was bolstered by 3209 new companies. The increase in business creation (+ 2.6%) is not as strong as in Metropolitan France (+ 5.6%), but remains the highest of the three French Departments of America (DFA). With 1605 additional registrations compared to 2015, companies’ creation is still on the right track in Martinique. It rose by 10.8% compared to the previous year and represents half of the start-ups.

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