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News of the 14/08/2017

Techno Pieux Inc. – also known as Techno Metal Post Inc. – is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures helical piles, specialized installation machinery and all the other elements required for permanent and temporary support work. Techno PIEUX France was created in 2003. Since then, more than 20 expert dealers in helical pile foundations have expanded the French network, including Techno PIEUX French Guyana.

We’ve interviewed Laurence Perez, who leads Techno Pieux French Guyana along with her partner Martin Laberge.

Why did you choose a virtual office for your company at BURO Club?

We created our company in 2014 and needed to assign it a head office immediately. We therefore opted for a virtual office in Guyana BURO Club’s business center. This is an ideal solution because all the administrative part is under control. Our Guyanese premises are currently under construction - they should be ready by the end of 2017.

How are your relationships with the business center’s staff?

We have very good relations. They are great and responsive people. It is a real "plus" to benefit from their services because we are often away for our work. In addition to building sites, we always go to our clients - that is why we don’t need to rent an office.

When your premises are finished, do you think you’ll work without BURO Club’s administrative services?

It’s difficult to say. The secretarial service is important to us, especially since we are often outside, in Guyana as well as in Martinique where we regularly work. We also have a virtual office in Martinique BURO Club’s business center which enables us to expand in there. We need an always available staff to receive and scan mails, send them to us wherever we are, from both centers. It is a very practical and effective solution with which we easily cover the two departments and that we plan to keep.

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